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Whitmore Primary School and Nursery

Year 3

In Year 3, we have three classes: Hawthorn, Birch and Pine.  Hawthorn's teachers are Mrs Eley and Mrs Collins; Pine's teacher is Miss Furzer; and Birch's teacher is Miss Blackburn. 

Children's learning in Year 3 builds on their knowledge from KS1 and prepares them for the more challenging ideas they will encounter as they get older.  In history lessons, children will learn about how life changed during the Stone and Bronze Ages, as well as study the Ancient Egyptians.  In geography, children will learn about North America, Brazil, and climate zones around the world.  In PE, children will go swimming with the school for the first time, and start to work towards the end of KS2 swimming objectives.  Other PE topics this year include football, yoga, dance and dodgeball, and many more.  In science lessons this year, children will learn about rocks, plants, forces and magnets.  For more details about our Year 3 curriculum, please look at the long term planning document below.